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​About us

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While the city has many problems and challenges, the city is also a place to discover solutions for sustainable development.
That is because the city consists of diverse groups of people.  Development, therefore, is full of complexity in the context of rapid change and uncertainty.

Through its joint planning process, UddC's end results are not limited to physical plans, strategies, and measures, but also extend to changing people's relationships by creating mutual understanding and a sense of ownership to facilitate smooth implementation.


  • First Prize:  Smart Cities - Clean Energy Contest which the Ministry of Energy awarded to UddC in 2017 for its Chula Smart City Project

  • The National Innovation Agency awarded Uddc the “Inspirational Innovator”award in 2017

  • Lighting Urban Community Institute (LUCI) awarded UddC “Good Practice Social Lighting” in 2011 for is “Art in Soi: Art-led Urban Regeneration”  Project

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