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International Conference on Good Governance, the City and Social Networks: Case Studies from France, Thailand, and Japan

Participants at this conference shared experience and views related to good governance of the city and social networks. Participants included academics and practitioners from various entities in France, Japan, and Thailand who discussed city politics, city policy, city planning, city open data, etc. 

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Public debates and exhibitions perspectives between Paris and Bangkok: New concepts for special cities

The city is an area of combustion of ideas and interactions of many different people. These intense exchanges and linkages between diverse groups are catalysts for creativity and innovation which is an important dynamic that is driving the new economic and social development of the city.

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Public presentation for urban people 4.0: Future of city life in Thailand

This forum included presentations on the future of city life by researchers in the Urban 4.0 Research Project: Future of Urban Life in Thailand, led by Prof. Dr. Mingsan Khao-sa-at, President of the Institute for Public Policy Studies. This event spanned ten full hours, and other featured speakers on the following topics:  


A night of thought in Bangkok: Take a Deep Breath

The Embassy of France in Thailand, Alliance Française (Bangkok), the French Development Research Institute, and UddC jointly organized this event, entitled “Take a Deep Breath: Bangkok's Night of Ideas” on Thursday, February 16, 2020. The goal of the organizers was to raise awareness of creating a sustainable urban environmental in the midst of the climate change crisis.  The event included an exhibition and a discussion forum which raised thought-provoking issues presented by various experts.

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