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Stakeholder Engagement

“Together for the benefit of all sectors transitioning to

balanced and smooth urban development”

Creating a balance of interests over a diverse area is considered an important factor in successful urban development initiatives.  This involves access and understanding, creating a space for comments, sharing support, acknowledging limitations, and convening forums for joint discussions.  This process can help stimulate awareness, reduce conflicts, and arrive at a shared vision of what development is possible. That is an important force to propel the city to a successful future.

The UddC understands the diversity of cities and people, and applies its expertise and experience in analyzing and synthesizing the information with stakeholders.  UddC always pursues a participatory process through different mechanisms and methods according to the suitability of each context.  The aim is to create understanding and realize a common vision of potential common development outcomes that will benefit all sectors, and as a way to transition the city through to a state of balanced and smooth urban development.

The UddC participation process ranges from individual discussions that require expertise, in-depth data mining, identification of the key issues, and/or discuss collaboration with the public to solicit input from society, raise awareness, and continue to engage citizens in the development process.

Public Engagement





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