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Urban Training

“Sharing knowledge on the city and urban development”

The UddC Academy is a training center that is ready to share knowledge about cities and urban development from experts in various fields with real-work experience in urban development and converting urban development principles into practice.

The Academy is ready to provide training to representatives from agencies and individuals who are interested addressing the challenges which cities are confronting or will encounter in the near future. The Academy training covers urban design and development, as well as managing the city across a range of various issues.  The methods include lecture, workshops, and group discussions to gain an in-depth understanding and updated knowledge of urban development issues of today.  Trainees will understand the process of designing and developing a city using research and data analysis through a participatory process.  Trainees will see how this information is transformed strategic plans and city policy, with the goal of converting management into action which will lead to a kind of urban development that responds to the changing dynamics and need for of sustainability.

The course in “Urban Design and Development” is suitable for personnel of departments or agencies involved in planning and policy, developers, designers, architects, and staff of real estate agencies, among many others in related fields.  Members of the general public are also welcome to attend this and other courses.  The Academy curricula is for those who are interested in collaborative design, and joining forces with others to advocate for a type of urban development that will enhance the quality of life of the city residents and visitors.

The following are the current courses offered by the Academy:

Basic Design and Urban Development Course

A short course covering both the theory and practice of urban design and development across the dimensions of architecture, Geographic Information Science, economics and the social sciences.  This course includes orientation to various techniques for developing concepts and theories into practical strategic planning, policies, and realistic management.​

AD hoc course

The Academy offers short-term courses on urban issues of national and international interest. These courses are suitable for all people who live and/or work in the city, and especially personnel from agencies involved in urban development.  Topics include green cities, smart cities, GoodWalk cities, safe cities, disease prevention cities, urban regeneration, participatory processes,  and Geographic Information Systems for urban design and planning.

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