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Active River Station


“สถานีเรือ ประตูสู่ย่าน”

This is a pilot project to rehabilitate a Chao Phraya River pier area by the Harbor Department, with UddC helping with the feasibility study, design, and implementation. Financial support is being provided by Icon Siam Co., Ltd.  At present, water transportation has declined in importance, with the resulting decline of piers and ports,  As a result, many waterfront districts are deteriorating due to difficulty of road access.  If these areas become isolated and abandoned, then they could become breeding places for crime, squatting, or uncontrolled dumping of waste.

On the bright side, people are becoming more interested in revitalizing the historic role of the Chao Phraya River by, for example, development of waterfront tourism.  The waterfront area has become a high-potential area that attracts public and private investment. Infrastructure systems such as the Skytrain crosses the Chao Phraya River, and commuters and tourists can connect with the boat systems of the public and private sector. Increasingly along the river, there are urban rehabilitation projects by government agencies and real estate development projects by the private sector.


UddC sees the importance and potential of the derelict pier and port areas. The strategy is to promote the connection of the car-rail-boat system, not simply as a traffic transfer point, but as social interaction space that relates to people's lives across many dimensions.  Given the number of people passing in and out each day, the area has strong potential for trade and commercial activities, as well as serving as a place for social interaction from inside and outside the area.  Therefore, the harbor is an important gateway to a lively district in the context of an attractive Chao Phraya River landscape.  This projects is being piloted at four ports within the inner city area with high potential for reconstruction, including the North Sathorn, South Sathorn, Ratchawong, and Din Daeng Piers

This project conforms to the standard criteria for the design of international ports and tailored to the behavior pattern of the actual users.  The project applies design principles that take into account various user groups to create a secure and convenient mode for transit.  Regeneration of the pier areas is being done in collaboration with leading designers such as N7A and Land Process companies.



Project Name : Chao Phraya River Harbor Restoration

Location : Chao Phraya River (Pier), North Sathorn, South Sathorn, Ratchawong, and Din Daeng Pier, Bangkok
Area : 500,000 Square Meter
Client : The Harbor Department and Icon Siam Co., Ltd
Year : 2019
Status : Under construction / Construction drawing
Program / Role : Public transport design
Partners : Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University / PUN MUANG
Co., / The Land Process Co., / N7A Co.,

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