Enhancing the Pedestian Pathways (Street Design)

“Create economic and learning opportunities through good footpaths”

This project emphasizes the importance of walking as a key strategy in promoting the well-being of the urban resident and visitor. That is because walking increases physical activity which can be integrated with everyday life and free of charge.  A preliminary study found that Bangkok and its urban suburbs still lack an environment that is pedestrian-friendly and conducive to walking.  For example, footpaths, where they exist, are narrow, ueven, or cluttered with obstructions of various types.  There is usually a lack of continuity of the sidewalks, and an absence of protection from the sun and rain.

International case studies show how safe and convenient footpaths and walkways can be if they adhere to standards.  Having pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods serves both residents and tourists by creating economic value of the local goods and services.  Good walkways can help improve access to cultural sites of the city or central business districts such as in Japan.  Footpaths should be seen as a means of and space for connecting, learning, meeting, and inspiring

Accordingly, UddC has compiled a variety of design ideas from case studies around the world, and is trying to adapt these to Bangkok sidewalks.  This project has targeted three pilot areas for footpath regeneration: Ari as a creative dynamic area; Thonglor as a round-the-clock living area; and Khlongsan as a cultural heritage area. There are myriad challenges with such a project such as this, including the different social, economic, and cultural dimensions combined with the complexity of the organizational management of the area and various ownership rights.

In this regard, UddC has attempted to build consensus by focusing on the mutual benefits of sidewalk regeneration. UddC encourages the participation of both small and large players to raise awareness of the importance of having good footpaths promote cost-effective land use, nurturing the environment, and showcasing the valuable heritage of the area. This gives people more transit options and reduced dependence on motor vehicles.


Project Name : Footpath Landscape Improvement Project

Location : Kadeejeen-Khlongsan neighborhood /  Thonglor - Ekkamai neighborhood / Ari - Pradipat neighborhood, Bangkok
Area :   Khlongsan 27,000 Square meter
           Thonglor - Ekkamai 56,000 Square meter
           Ari 13,000 Square meter
Client : Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Year : 2018
Status : Research and Study, Urban Design
Program / Role : Urban Research, Public Space Design
Partners : -