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Intelligent Chula City (Smart City For Everyone)


“From a bounded university campus to an area of seamless and intelligent learning"

Chulalongkorn Smart City is one of projects that has helped make a name for UddC.  Indeed, this project won the Smart City Design Contest by the Property Management Office of Chulalongkorn University. The project area is a large piece of land in the center of the city covering ​​291 rai.  It is considered one of the areas with high development potential in Bangkok.  However, studies have found that the land in the area is not fully utilized, and there is no meaningful connection between the property and surrounding areas.

Thus, this project was conceived as a prototype in the development of the commercial area in the city center by focusing on the benefit from social innovation more than just creating business revenue.  The strategy is to create public spaces that are shared among students and outsiders to promote interaction that stimulates innovation. The implementation mechanisms include various forms of learning that create different experiences and are not restricted to the university campus border.  There are links to other green areas and new activity areas that are friendly and inviting to people in and around the host neighborhoods.


In order to spur innovation and demonstrate a model of a future learning environment, UddC created a master plan to develop the Suan Luang-Sam Yan area of ​​Chulalongkorn University to serve as a zone of creativity.  The design employs seven intelligent systems across the dimensions of energy management, travel and transit, community, environment, economy, and building. 


The project area is divided and designed according to each area’s potential for development and the surrounding context to promote the experience and exchange of learning in an idealistic vision of the future.



Project Name : Study and Review of the Commercial Sector Development Master Plan of Chulalongkorn University: Suan Luang - Sam Yan Area (CU Smart City)

Location : The Suan Luang-Sam Yan area of ​​Chulalongkorn University, Pathumwan Districts, Bangkok
Area : 447,000 Square meter
Client : The Property Management Office of Chulalongkorn University
Year : 2017
Status : Under construction
Program / role :   Smart commercial district design

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