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CU 2040 Master Plan


“Chulalongkorn’s 2nd Century:  Collaborative learning area of the future"

The 2nd Century Chulalongkorn Master Plan is a historical project based on the fact that Chulalongkorn University's was Thailand’s first institution of its kind. In order to be prepared for all the changes and developments that are occurring today and in the future, the Office of Physical Systems Management of Chulalongkorn University is working with UddC, as the main implementer of the planning design and as an intermediary for shepherding the project smoothly into practice.

The trends and direction of learning direction in the 21st century is evolving rapidly, largely due to the revolution in technology and communication. Most countries around the world are transitioning into a knowledge-based social economy. Information, knowledge, and innovation are the driving forces of the economy and are key to a country's competitiveness. This trend is causing many leading universities to focus on innovation in changing the direction of teaching and curriculum toward a more multidisciplinary experience across academic fields of learning.


This project is an important tool to support the university to achieve the vision of being a model innovation institution of higher learning. The design has the condition of maximizing utilization of existing things and taking into consideration the design of the area from the current situation.  That said, the design also creates a vision of the future to propel the CU 2040 Master Plan forward under the catch words of "Modify, Open," with the following significant features:

1) Adjust existing things by adapting building utilization and open space that is under-utilized to become a space for collaborative learning and generating new ideas from various groups of people;

2) Change time management to increase the duration of use, and improve management of the area, especially the front of the building, to make the university more lively;

3) Allow the general public to more easily access Chulalongkorn's academic assets through dynamic learning and interaction along the periphery of the university campus.

In addition to designing the physical environment to support and facilitate learning and life of the people in the area, including the Chulalongkorn community and the public at-large,  the Chula Master Plan includes engineering system calculations. This was done to enhance the cost-effectiveness of management of the electrical power system, sanitation system, traffic and transportation systems, and the communication system with “smart” technology.  The master plan presents guidelines for systematic phases of development in order to that implementation proceeds smoothly.



Project Name : Master Plan of Chulalongkorn University’s 2nd Century: Chulalongkorn University Educational Area

Location : Chulalongkorn University Educational Area, Pathumwan Districts, Bangkok
Area  : 1,086,560 Square meter
Client : Office of Physical Resources Management, Chulalongkorn University
Year : 2020
Status : Research and Study, Urban Design
Program / Role : masterplan design for sustainable innovation university 
Partners :
The Land Process Co., / N7A Co.,

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