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National Stadium Play District


“Resurrection of legends and coordinate the future recreational area"

In collaboration with the Property Management Office of Chulalongkorn University, UddC has created a conceptual framework for the development of the National Stadium complex to serve as a National Athletics Zone and, thus, become a sports legend of the country.


The National Stadium is located in the Pathumwan area, adjacent to the thriving economic center of the city, with convenient access via the local BTS station.  However,  the condition of the stadium building and surrounding area has deteriorated over time, and there is poor building efficiency.  The stadium was not originally designed to be suitable for use by all groups of people in the city, and that represents a huge loss of opportunity to create mutual value between the local educational institutions, the community, and society at-large.


UddC has proposed guidelines for the development of a “National Athletics Zone” based on a process of qualitative and quantitative data collection and establishing a process for discussions with stakeholders. Key informants include specialist groups with representatives from sports, health, and entertainment.   The goal is to improve and manage the areas in ways that better meet the needs of both regular users and new users in the future.

With a unique architectural style of cultural heritage value, the layout design of this project has used important principles and special techniques to adapt the architectural features in order to maintain the image of the area. This will modify the use of the new building to make it more worthwhile according to the potential of the location. At the same time, the redevelopment will create value for money through investment feasibility calculations. The result will be a balance of development along with creating a new recreational area for the city and surrounding communities.



Project Name : Conceptual framework for the development of the National Stadium area into a recreational zone of the city.

Location : National Stadium and Chulalongkorn University’s Commercial zone
Area  : 123,600 sq.m.
Client : Office of Property Management, Chulalongkorn University
Year : 2018 - 2019
status : Research and Study, Urban Design
program / role : Commercial district design
partners : 

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