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Study of rehabilitation guidelines

for the Sukhumvit-Bang Na area (Bangna)


“The game changer for urban development at the metropolitan level."

The study of the rehabilitation plan for the Sukhumvit-Bang Na area by the Bhiraj Buri Co. Ltd. examines trends of development in the Bang Na area with the use of visualization techniques together with quantitative and qualitative data collection across both social and economic dimensions.  The study forecasts future trends of building utilization on the city and regional level to prepare for the emerging changes the rapid expansion of urban areas.

UddC studied, analyzed, and laid out strategies on the plans for building a secondary city center system in order to adjust the structure of the city to accommodate growth with style.  The strategy is to create a neighborhood identity and develop community areas to facilitate access to various types of mass transportation.  The result is a vision of the Sukhumvit-Bang Na area as a game changer that could emerge suddenly with high impact on urban development at the metropolitan level with special techniques in layout design and reduced investment risks.

The origin of the project vision is the emerging need for flexible development to suit the people and generate revenue. Different approaches to development can be considered in accordance with local trends and direction to create maximum benefits for the business performance of a sustainable Bangna development. The vision is that this area can be developed into one of the metropolitan magnets of the region as well as a pilot area of ​​the city rehabilitation efforts. If successful, the Sukhumvit-Bangna area project will be a landmark and model for the rehabilitation of the outer urban areas of Bangkok.


Project Name : Study of rehabilitation guidelines for the Sukhumvit-Bang Na area

Location : Sukhumvit-Bang Na, Bangkok
Area : 936,588 sq.m.
Client : the Bhiraj Buri Co. Ltd
Year : 2019
Status : Research and Study, Urban Design
Program / Role : Commercial area design
Partners : -

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