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Bangkok250 Phase 1


“Link the neighborhood with the city and create a new way of urban living”

The project is part of the plan and programs commemorating the on the 250th anniversary of the founding of Bangkok (which coincides with the year 2032).  UddC has implemented the project with the goal of developing a vision of a framework for the rehabilitation of old town Bangkok, which is in line with the future development of the city and the country. UddC has conducted analysis of urban living trends and employs a joint planning process in collaboration with various groups of people to ensure that there are linkages and a full range of opportunities for everyone.


UddC places great importance on the idea of ​​improving physical conditions to maximize the potential of a given site or structure.  The goal is to meet the economic, social, and political needs of the community, while conserving and restoring the old so that it fits in with the new. The plan calls for the regeneration of 17 areas of Bangkok with historical significance, and seven strategic areas in line with the long-term urban development plans to connect the districts as part of a vision for a new way of urban living.

The Bangkok 250 Project planners selected the area of ​​Kadeejeen-Khlongsan as a pilot area.  This neighborhood is one of Bangkok's oldest districts with unique cultural and architectural features.   The neighborhood is a key part of the Thai heritage and is strategically location near the Chao Phraya River and opposite Rattanakosin. Kadeejeenn-Khlongsan comprises major social institutions such as houses, temples, government schools and other cultural assets.   However, given the breakneck pace of change around Bangkok, this historic neighborhood is facing various threats as by-products of rail transportation system, uncontrolled real estate development on the waterfront area, and the growth of tourism and the services sector. Therefore, unless there is planned interventions, then the precious aspects of the cultural heritage of the Kadeejeen-Khlongsan area are at risk of extinction.


In addition to the Master Plan for Urban Rehabilitation, UddC has also produced a Master Plan for Landscape Promotion as a framework for the development of buildings in a way that they can harmonize with the context of the area.  This development will also preserve the value and importance of the cultural heritage, and serve as guidelines to coax the private sector to follow suit. The strategy is to create an atmosphere of conservation and preserving the aesthetic values ​​of the area, with a focus on landscape, waterfront area, and the area around religious and archaeological sites.

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Project Name : Master Plan for Reconstruction of the Old Town Area and Conservation and Reconstruction of Kadeejeen-Khlongsan District, Bangkok250

Location : Bangkok’s Inner Districts
Area : 180
Client :  Department of City Planning and Urban Development, BMA
Year : 2015
Status : Research and Study, Urban Design
Program / Role : Survey, Research, Masterplan Design
Partners :
he Land Process Co., and N7A Co.,

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