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Rayong2040: Reviving the heart of Rayong


Regenerate Rayong old town to be the center of Eastern Thailand”

Rayong is one of the secondary cities with high development potential in Thailand. That potential cuts across tourism, investment, and exports. Rayong a key part of ​​the Eastern Economic Corridor Project That will be an important initiative in protecting Thailand from stalling in the “middle-income trap.” However, Rayong's leapfrog development is having direct and indirect negative effects, attributable to industrial pollution and constant circulation of people in the area due to the limitations of public facilities, and opportunities in education and work.


UddC recognizes the current problems of Rayong and has produced a plan for Rayong from the perspective of the secondary city strategy. The aim is to revitalize Rayong's capabilities and international competitiveness, along with regeneration of Old Town Rayong. UddC applies the concept of urban regeneration through participatory planning processes with the relevant parties and key stakeholders.  To help participants envision what could be, UddC uses a visualization process of creating future scenarios to help inspire ways to restore Old Town Rayong as a sustainable 21st Century development.

In addition, UddC has designed a pilot area in the heart of the old city that will be transformed into a gateway to the heart of Rayong Province, with access to the rail system.  This project is an opportunity to rejuvenate the area around the mass transit stations as a link to the system of “intelligent travel options” to other tourist destinations of the province such as the Fish Market Experience Center, and steering traffic to local roads in the government district area, such as Taksin Road, etc.



Project Name : Rayong Old Town Regeneration 

Location : Rayong City
Area : 3,552
Client : Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization
Year : 2019
Status : Research and Study, Urban Design
Program / Role : Urban Renewal and Development
Partners :  RYCD, Rayong  Provincial Administrative Organization 

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