Strategic plan for Phuket rehabilitation


“Upgrading tourism and adding value to a resort town”

Phuket is a priority secondary city in the master plan under the national tourism strategy. Phuket has a world-class brand or image that has attracted tourists for the past half-century. Phuket has therefore been chosen as a prime area for develop a prototype city. However, past development in Phuket has been modular, i.e., without a comprehensive plan which links the various components in both the public and private sectors.  Thus, the amenities and conveniences are uneven, and Phuket is a mixture of very high-end residences, dining and entertainment options, in the midst of a rather poor transportation infrastructure. This impedes the development of products and services that are complementary and which maximize potential of this “pearl of the Andaman Sea.”


UddC recognizes the importance of provincial strategic planning so that all sectors can embrace the same vision.  A unified approach enables a comprehensive design and complimentary networks with the shared goal to develop the tourism ecosystem to facilitate to boost Phuket’s competitiveness and sustainability, while continually adding value to the tourist experience. Of crucial importance is that the residents and local communities share in the tourism revenue, either directly or indirectly, so that all persons feel a sense of ownership of the success of Phuket tourism.

In addition, UddC has designed a pilot area in a location as an opportunity to revitalize the district and provide a wide range of benefits.  The pilot area can help create tourism alternatives for the province, such as regenerating Dibuk Road, restarting the Pak Bang Kata Canal Landscape Improvement Project, and redevelopment of the Pak Bang canal so that it offers pollution-free wastewater drainage, among other examples.



Project Name : Strategic plan for Phuket rehabilitation

Location : Phuket City
Area : 543 Square kilometer
Client : Phuket Provincial Administration Organization
Year : 2019
Status : Studies Research and Design
Program / Role : Urban Renewal and Development
Partners : Karon City, PKCD, Kata-Koron Hotel Entrepreneur Association,  Baan Moo 2, Baan Moo 4