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Creating a strategic plan for rehabilitation of Krabi Province


“Strategic plan to prepare for the development Tsunami”

Krabi is one of the provinces that has significant natural resource assets. It is a tourist attraction that is both beautiful and natural, and the tourist income it generates is second largest in the southern region of Thailand.   However, Krabi still faces the same challenges as many other tourist cities. The volume of tourists often exceeds the carrying capacity of this small province, especially during the peak travel season.   This is  causing an accumulation of negative effects such as the deterioration of natural ecosystems and the environment, traffic jams, insecurity of the community, and other common problems which cities face from over-crowding.  Without a plan for the future, it is possible that the fragile ecosystem will collapse, thus destroying one of the main incentives for tourists to visit.


UddC has made a proposal which presents a vision of a more balanced future for Krabi.  The plan conforms to the goals in Krabi provincial strategic development plan.  UddC is using a participatory planning process to boost awareness of the vision so that all sectors can see how a collaborative approach can provide mutual benefit and promote sustainability.  The UddC plan includes space development with integration of effective management systems in all areas, but especially those related to the ecosystem and natural resources.  This project is applying the concept of “intelligent ecological cycle” which will promote Krabi as a premium tourist city, generating revenue distribution across and among levels, while reducing the impact on the ecosystem and progressing toward sustainable development with maximum efficiency.

This project has established guidelines for the development of strategic areas of Krabi, divided into two levels.  At the provincial level, the project calls for planning utilities to be in line with future projected development.  In addition, there are four pilot areas, including Khlong Thong District, the mangrove forest ecological study walkway area, ​​the area of transportation/transit junctions, and the area around the Koh Lanta Cultural Tourism Center that will be a magnet for tourism through traffic with intelligent, eco-friendly networks.



Project Name : Creating a strategic plan for rehabilitation of Krabi Province

Location : Krabi Province
Area : 4,709 Square kilometer
Client : Krabi Provincial Administration Organization
Year : 2019
Status : Research and Study, Urban Design
Program / Role : Development and Rehabilitation
Partners : -

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