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Open Data for a more inclusive Bangkok


“Open the city’s information to the public to enhance the quality of life of urban people and promote sustainable urban development.”

Open Data for a more inclusive Bangkok: A Case Study of Pathumwan District is a project under the support of Rockefeller Foundation which has the aim to develop guidelines and an online platform as a way to turn city information into a public utility.  The strategy is to support citizen participation in using city information as an extension of opinion-sharing and helping to drive urban development

Trying to solve or alleviate problems of a city is very difficult for a single agency.  The central management of the city is rarely able to provide a thorough response or rapid development in time.  However, today, technological advances and information are beginning to be applied as a means to solve or alleviate urban problems through public participation and information disclosure systems.  An online platform is a way for people to participate in inspections of city workers, and express opinions in resolving urban problems. At the same time, the relevant organizations can reach people faster and more accurately, and their work is more transparent


UddC has studied, analyzed, and disclosed various sets of data to the public by compiling and managing open data from a variety of sources.  The platform contains information from the government, public-domain information, information from academia and research data, etc.  The platform presents an analysis of the data which can be displayed in ways that that can be easily understood by the public. In this project, the Pathumwan and Bang Rak Districts are pilot sites for the open data platform.  Those districts are highly diverse commercial and business areas of ​​the city, which also have a high Walkability Index score.  These districts can serve as a prototype for further expansion at the city and national levels.

This development of an online, open database system platform is an important starting point for creating a space for public participation.  The platform facilitates the work of the relevant city agencies.  However, the challenge is to sustain platform through an automatic  refreshing of the data cycle. UddC has held discussions through a participatory process to find ways to support the use and sharing of information from the platform, including creating a perpetual data cycle as a part of supporting sustainable city development.



Project Name : Open Data for a more inclusive Bangkok: A Case Study of Pathumwan District
Client : Rockefeller Foundation
Year : 2017
Status : Studies Research and Open database
Program / Role : Research and Operate spatial open data

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