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Observing the city and advocating for positive change


"Awakening to the public with city information to build a foundation for understanding and being able to keep up with change"

This project is part of the Integrated Strategy for Social Goals of Thai People 4.0 initiative of the National Research Council of Thailand.  The goal is to create a mechanism to motivate citizens to become more aware of the process of observing and creating participation at the city and district levels through the use of city information to boost awareness and stimulate public communication, both in terms of content and spatial issues.

Advocating for city improvements through the strength of its citizens is considered an important factor in urban development that will enable an effective response to constant change and evolution of urban life. How a city functions is relevant to every city resident and visitor,  and everyone can join forces to help contribute to a vibrant and pleasant city. Making available city information helps promote awareness and understanding of how the city functions.  This sharing promotes a participatory process to advocate for change from the opinion of citizens who have a first-hand perspective,


UddC recognizes the opportunities and importance of creating city information to raise public awareness. Therefore, in this project, the implementers observe and analyze the city situation through various sets of data based on a variety of information. The data come from basic city information and a literature review of research studies on the direction of urban life changes.  The project promotes education by using the principles of future science education, together with the modern city database, such as open data of the city, social media information, etc.

Managing knowledge from observations through the clear presentation of information can make the information easily understandable to the public in a variety of formats, such as articles, infographics, mixed media, and awareness raising through city and district engagement activities. The project includes training for city explorers to demonstrate the importance of properly collecting data and managing city information.  The project includes a workshop on information from the city to discuss solutions to various problems that are revealed by the city and analysis. The process embodied in this project can be an important force to drive the city forward and sustainably.



Project Name : Urban City Project 4.0: The Future of Urban Life in Thailand (Subproject no. 8, observing and driving urban change)
Client : National Research Council of Thailand
Year : 2019
Status : Studies Research and Participatory Process
Program / Role : Research and Participatory Process

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