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Urban Food Integrity Landscape Project


“The integrity of food in the city is a reflection of the management and design of a healthy city”

This project creates a conceptual framework that builds on public issues and global trends of food security and health in the city. Due to the epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) around the world, it cannot be denied that the reason is due to the changing urban lifestyle which is inseparably linked to the physical environment of the city.  They have a reciprocal impact in the form of the social logic of space and spatial logic of society. Food areas in the city are therefore of great importance in terms of food security, nutrition, and accessibility.


Bangkok is known as a gastronomic capital with an enormous range of eating options.  Bangkok has foods to satisfy people from all over the world comprising different nationalities, religions, and all income levels. Looked at superficially, it would seem that Bangkok has no problems with food access, However, in truth, sources of food for the city are changing as the style and lifestyle of the urbanite evolves. Accordingly, some food is missing from the city. The value and importance of food in the city is reduced in terms of socio-cultural values, including the healthiness of the food and the food sources. This is an issue that needs to be studied and analyzed in an empirical way. Due to the limitations on these issues, this type of study is not widespread, and there is a lack of information that reflects the situation and can be a signal of changes that are occurring and intensifying.

Therefore, this project aimed to study the spatial dimensions and dynamics of changes in urban life that affect the food space in the city. The study collected and analyzed data of various food source areas in the city, and developed indicators for the landscape and the integrity of food areas in the city in the spatial and socio-economic context. The findings support and expand upon the study of urban environmental design and reducing the disparity of the landscape and the integrity of food areas.

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Project Name : Urban Food Integrity Landscape Project
Status : Research
Program / Role : Research

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